Surf Camps

Our Surf Camps build on the levels of service and professionalism that we offer with our Surf Lessons, offering large groups the same quality service.

To gain a deeper understanding of how we achieve and maintain our standards please read through our Surf Lessons Page.

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We’re the only surf school within a 100 kilometer radius with permanent headquarters at the beach and because of this we are uniquely positioned to cater for large groups.

We have the necessary staff, inventory and facilities to accommodate groups of up to 30 people surfing at a time without sacrificing the quality of our service and the level of attention that each individual participant receives.


And with Diaz Beach being a wide open space, ideal for beginners, there’s always more than enough room for everyone to catch plenty of waves!


We also maintain a good ratio between learners and instructors to ensure that no one goes home without having had the best possible opportunity to learn surfing!


And we’ve been teaching large groups to surf since 2015 with both local and international groups having come to experience the joy of surfing with Surf’s Up Surf School!

We offer half-day, full-day and multiple-day programs.

The half-day program includes a standard group surf lesson and leaves the rest of the day open to relax, or to explore all the other exciting things to do around the Garden Route area!

While the full-day and multiple-day programs include both the standard group surf lessons and a series of highly informative ocean-awareness sessions designed to give participants a deeper understanding of what it is that makes surfing possible.

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The ocean-awareness program includes lectures and practical exercises designed to teach participants about wind, swell, tides, currents and all the other underlying aspects of surfing.

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Our Surf Camp packages vary and will depend on your groups’ specific requirements.

We can offer anything from a half-day to a full seven-day package and our packages are either standard, excluding food and accommodation, or all inclusive, with and food accommodation included.

For more details on our Surf Camps and to find out what we can offer your particular group, please send an email to:

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